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Bengkel FEE EcoCampus Sabah Kali Pertama

WWF-Malaysia dengan kerjasama Politeknik Sandakan Sabah, Rainforest Discovery Centre Sandakan (RDC) dan Sekolah Menengah Muhibbah, Sandakan telah berjaya menganjurkan Bengkel FEE EcoCampus Sabah yang pertama sekali diadakan di Sabah. Bengkel kali ini berlangsung selama dua hari satu malam iaitu bermula dari 28 hingga 29 Jun 2018 dan diadakan di kawasan kampus Politeknik Sandakan Sabah dan Dewan Rainforest RDC.


What is FEE EcoCampus?

Like Eco-Schools, FEE EcoCampus is an international award programme that guides all third level institutions on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of campus life. Again like Eco-Schools, FEE EcoCampus leads to transformative thinking and can help enhance the curriculum and get the whole institution united behind something important.
The Seven Step framework is used, and the only real difference is that the colleges devise an Eco Charter instead of an Eco Code. This Charter is a document which is a guide to environmental management on site.

FEE EcoCampus is good for students because it:

  • inspires and empowers students

  • creates leaders of change in their communities

  • widens learning beyond the lecture room

  • develops responsible attitudes and commitment

  • leads to increased levels of confidence and motivation

  • increases participation in environmental actions

  • improves skills and knowledge in all subjects

  • improves mental and physical well being

Youths pledged to become more sustainable towards fashion.

FEE EcoCampus is good for colleges because the programme delivers:

  • an improved environmental impact on campus

  • involvement with the local community, other institutions and organisations

  • financial savings

  • international connections

  • a method of embedding sustainability into the curriculum

  • the capacity to nurture and support intrinsic values (care, empathy, creativity, compassion)

  • improved well being of students and staff

  • lecturers and staff who are proud of their third level institution

FEE EcoCampus is a long-term programme. The FEE EcoCampus award takes the form of the International Green Flag. This can be flown outside the institution or displayed in the foyer. However, it is important to remember that the programme is one of continual reduction of the institution’s environmental impact. Therefore, the award requires progress reports to be submitted annually and a full reassessment every three years.

Sustainable farming : Conference delegates at FOLO farm during one of the field trips.

Award Criteria

  • This model is the most simple approach and only applicable to smaller institutions with a single campus. There will be only one FEE EcoCampus Committee for the whole campus.

    Whole Institution

    (Simple Structure)

  • This model will also consist of one FEE EcoCampus committee which is to be represented by all the academic fields and/or all campus entities.

    Whole Institution

    (Complex Structure)

  • This model can be taken up by institutions with multiple branches or satellite campuses.

    Satellite/Branch of

    a Larger Institution 
    (Simple Structure)

  • This model starts with enrollment of smaller entity in an institution (example: faculty, department, hostel units etc.).

    Grassroots Approach (Complex Structure)


Programme Contact

Please send your queries here & I will get in touch with you the soonest.

Mazlina Sabtu


FEE EcoCampus Programme 


Tel: 03-7450 3773 Ext 6320

Email: msabtu@wwf.org.my

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