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Sustainable Development Survey

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Background of the Sustainable Development Survey

Ten years ago, WWF-Malaysia in collaboration with partners, conducted a national wide study and released the report, ‘Environmental Citizenship: Emerging perspectives in Malaysia. The study had 6090 respondents from various strata of Malaysian society. Environmental citizenship in the report encompassed environmental knowledge, attitudes, skills and participation. Based on the 2008 study findings, the main indicators projected for the next ten years were


  1. An increase in the number of schools with Lestari programmes, 

  2. Setting up of an Environmental Education (EE) Research Centre, 

  3. Curriculum revision for EE, 

  4. An increase in EE training and resources, and 

  5. Transformations in environmental behaviour.

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What is the Sustainable Development Survey about?

This survey is a collaboration between WWF Malaysia and the University of Malaya through the WWF-UM Living Planet Centre. Since 2008, WWF-Malaysia with its partners have implemented the indicators through various projects. EE is now referred to as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The survey aims to determine the awareness of the four areas of environment, social, economy and culture related to sustainable development in addition to the knowledge and attitudes about the environment in general among Malaysians, after 10 years.

Why is the survey is important?

This 2019 survey is to determine the effects of what has been put in place since the last survey in 2008, thus paving the way for WWF-Malaysia to progress to the next level of implementation of its plans for ESD. These plans include regional level collaboration between Asia Pacific nations in trying to achieve the SDGs. Hence, the participation of all respondents in this survey is extremely important to help plan and implement strategic, relevant and appropriate projects in our effort to move forward in the coming decade. 

Survey Result: The Missing Pedagogical Link for Malaysian Environmental Citizenship: An Emerging Model of Interconnectedness of Knowledge Domains and Values Mediation

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