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Animation Guide for Educators

Animation Guide for Educators

What is the “Animation Guide for Educators” about?

Animation Guide for Educators helps viewers to dig deeper into the conservation messages that are illustrated in each episode. The animation guide consists of five parts, which are Think, Dig Deeper, Prompt, Activities and Discuss. Every part of the animation guide has its own function to help expand viewers’ comprehension on each issue.

Why do we need

“Animation Guide for Educator”?

The guide serves as a tool to maximize the impact of the animation’s messaging and to stimulate the viewers’ critical thinking. By doing any of the 5 parts, they will be able to see a bigger picture and hopefully will be able to change their daily behaviours in order to conserve the environment.

Who should be using

the animation guide?

Any educators who wish to use the animation to teach the youth, about the value of their respective religion and the message of conservation.


This is a game for the youth to know more about nature and religion. You can try to play with the youth and lead them to understand more about nature and religion by explaining the answer.


This section has three types of activities, which are discussion, games and work group. Each activity has their own message or purpose to influence the youth. They can learn to apply what they learnt previously through the activities too. After they complete the activities, you shall share the intention of the activities to them.

Dig Deeper

This part contains more information or knowledge related to nature and religion. You can try to tell the youth more by using the points given in this part.


You can share with us your ideas/suggestions/questions for the animation guide here, this can help us to improve it.  


This part is to stimulate the thinking of the youth by asking them questions. This is a two-way communication, you can try to ask the questions given in this part and lead them to answer it. This shall not be done by spoon feeding them, instead, try to trigger their thinking to answer it.

Islam Series

Episode 1:
Protect our Environment

Buddhism Series

ep 1 buddhism rice.PNG

Episode 1:
Life of Rice

ep 5 buddhism bottle.PNG

Episode 5:
Life of Bottle

Christianity Series

Islam Series (Main)
Buddhism Series (Main)

Episode 1:

Christianity Series (Main)
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