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Sembang@WWF 2017

Speaker 1

Name : Jenny Kong

Afiliation : IPGK Tuanku Bainun
Sembang title : Beruang Matahari: Khazanah yang Terancam

Kepupusan merupakan perkara yang amat menakutkan. Biarlah saya menjadi suara untuk membantu spesis yang terancam. Sembang akan menjadi platform saya untuk memberi kesedaran kepada semua bahawa dunia ini adalah lebih indah sekiranya semua hidupan dapat hidup aman 
tanpa ancaman. 

Jenny Kong : Beruang Matahari: Khazanah yang Terancam 

Speaker 2

Name : Anushea A/P Sudhakaran

Afiliation : SMK Damansara Jaya
Sembang title : Elephants: A Life to Some, An Accessory to Others

I'm a student from SMK Damansara Jaya. Though I have limited experience in public speaking, I am driven by my conviction for this issue as well as other environmental issues. I am honoured to have this opportunity as a platform to address this quandary and shine a light on the plight of the voiceless. I also believe in standing up for what is right whether it be on gender equality, education or protection of wildlife. My goal is to use my voice and do whatever it takes to make this world, even in the slightest bit, a better place. 

Anushea A/P Sudhakaran : Elephants: A Life to Some, An Accessory to Others 

Speaker 3

Name : Norsyana Tasnim Binti Nor Aslam Mano

Afiliation : SMK Muhibbah
Sembang title : One Drop of Life

I'm passionate about environment and sustainable issues, and I speak out about these issues whenever I can because I know that all of us can make a difference. I hope that for the sake of future generation, we will ensure environmental conservation is given the utmost priority so that 
they can enjoy the earth's pristine resources, instead of suffer the pollution created by us and generations before us.

Norsyana Tasnim Binti Nor Aslam Mano : One Drop of Life

Speaker 4

Name : Nur Syafiqah Binti Mohd Sabri

Afiliation : IPGK Tuanku Bainun
Sembang title : Kerana Kita Pengguna

I love to give talk and public speech. Sembang@WWF is the best platform for me to share my views. Inspired people is a thing that I always love to do. It is very satisfying to see how one can inspire others. I hope that my talk will leave an impact on people. 

Nur Syafiqah Binti Mohd Sabri : Kerana Kita Pengguna

Speaker 5

Name : Thevyaa Manivasagam

Afiliation : IPGK Raja Malewar
Sembang title : Poverty Free World: Hunger

I am an undergraduate in special education needs course in IPGK Raja Malewar. Living as a human is not a big thing but living as a good human is the most crucial thing. Be the best of yourself. Do good and inspire the world with your good deeds. My vision is 10 years from now on there 
mustn’t be any kwashiorkor kids in this world. That's all my life is about. Change is the only thing that doesn't change! What more to wait? Change! Unite! Get rid of poverty! Make world the greatest place to live. 

Thevyaa Manivasagam : Poverty Free World: Hunger

Speaker 6

Name : Brian Fam

Afiliation : Student Division in Soka Gakkai Malaysia
Sembang title : Mapting (Mobile application on Sustainability) 

I’m a simple guy who has just finished my tertiary education and finding my way to fit into the society. I love food, laugh a lot (for no apparent reason) and enjoy being in the moment. I’m actively engaged in Student Division in Soka Gakkai Malaysia since 2008, volunteered in various 
exhibition and training. I found my passion in Navigator group of SGM, which primarily focuses on increasing the awareness of art and cultural literacy among Malaysian through various events such as peace lectures, art performance, exhibition among others.

Brian Fam : Mapting (Mobile application on Sustainability) 

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