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Pertubuhan Pendidikan Pembangunan Lestari Selangor

PPPLS Updates


Improving life on land for indigenous communities

Students and staff of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, in collaboration with Camfil Malaysia, the National Education for Sustainable Development Work Group and WWF-Malaysia embarked on a community education initiative on May 19 2018 at the Kg Batu 20 indigenous village in Tapah, Perak.


What is Pertubuhan Pendidikan Pembangunan Lestari Selangor (PPPLS)?


Pertubuhan Pendidikan Pembangunan Lestari Selangor (formerly known as National Education for Sustainable Development Workgroup) was formalized on February 16th, 2015, in line with advocating a more holistic and transformative ESD agenda. The formation of the workgroup was a key result of a brainstorming session with Malaysian ESD experts, practitioners, and stakeholders on the future of ESD in Malaysia, in August 2014. PPPLS is advised by Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, President of the International Association of Universities, and co-chaired by WWF Malaysia’s Mr. Thiaga Nadeson and Universiti Teknologi Petronas’s Dr. Subarna Sivapalan. Since its inception, WWF-Malaysia has played the role of a host to the group. Members of the workgroup include academicians from Malaysian public and private institutions of higher learning, Malaysian environmental NGOs, educationists from Malaysian local and international schools. The workgroup has presently identified 11 key areas to streamline within present WWF domains and beyond, in line with local, regional, and global dialogues on sustainable development and ESD, post the Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agendas.

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Our Team

PPPLS Committee Members 2015

Our Vision

Empowering Communities for Greener Lifestyles through Education for Sustainable Development

Our Mission

The mission of the Pertubuhan Pendidikan Pembangunan Lestari Selangor is to advocate, research, recommend, implement, support, and empower the infusion of Education for Sustainable Development into all levels of formal and non-formal education. We do this through:

  1. The research of best practices. 

  2. Providing consultation and recommendations to national, regional, and international bodies and institutions. 

  3. Networking and collaborating with like-minded national, regional, and international bodies and institutions.

  4. Aligning our work with that of other organizations and institutions at the national, regional and local level, to generate balanced views and recommendations regarding ESD.

  5. Providing evaluation and expert views on the formulation and implementation of ESD in Malaysia.

  6. Engaging and empowering ESD stakeholders by developing and implementing recommended practices, educational materials, and training to support them in their roles as ESD change agents within their respective social institutions.

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Our Work

NESDW our work

Contact Us

The workgroup welcomes ideas from all stakeholders towards the advancement of ESD in Malaysia.

If you or your organisation wants to work with PPPLS, please write to the workgroup.

Please send your queries here & I will get in touch with you the soonest.

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