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Congratulations to all
Eco Champions!

Gwendalyn Yi Yue Huang, Tan Xin Yu, Amir


  1. Tan Xin Yu

  2. Amirah Hannah

  3. Gwendalyn Yi Yue Huang

  4. Yew Jing Shii 

Affiliation: Sri KDU Secondary School

Project: Water-GOAT System

Hello! We are the main committee of the Eco-Schools Programme in Sri KDU. Our president is Tan Xin Yu, and her vice-president is Amirah Hannah. Our secretary is Gwendalyn Huang, and her assistant is Naomi Jazzmin. Our treasurer, who handles the projects’ budgets, is Yew Jing Shii and her assistants are Ng Yi Zhi and Wang Caitlin.

Our class representative, who helps promote our projects, is Yap Pei Qi. Together, our committee aims to spread awareness on environmental issues among the students of Sri KDU. We have launched many projects, including the Eco-Bricks Project and conduct annual Eco Day campaigns in school. Our committee is delighted to be selected as one of the Eco-Champions, and we look forward to installing our water goat system.

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