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Congratulations to all
Eco Champions!

Geetha Maniam, M. Prema, Kreesan.png


  1. Geetha Maniam

  2. M. Prema

  3. Kreesan 

Project: #RiverBundle Social Media Edutainment

#RiverBundle Social Media Edutainment is a team of three. Geetha is the project leader. Now, she is embarking on a new journey by taking up postgraduate study at Monash University Malaysia to work on her interest for a long time, i.e. the Water Treatment. M. Prema, a junior doctor by profession, is also a game enthusiast who aspires to build fun yet straightforward family-based games. On the other hand, Kreesan is a secondary school student and represents young people’s voices to protect our planet’s future.

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