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Eco Champions Awards 2018

Eco-Student Candidates

Qayyum Indra Putera Mohamad Hafizd

Idrissi International School

Past Environmental Projects :


"Gotong-royong" at the school field (2015)
Planting plants around the school (2016)
International Eco School Conference (2017)

Future initiative :

I would launch a project called Project "Licin". It is basically a project to encourage students, teachers, school personnel and administrator to not waste food. I plan to launch this project because students in my school tend to take a lot of food and also waste a lot of food. 
I would first assemble a team of students. Then, we would discuss our plans. After that, we will announce our Project "Licin" to the school. 
After announcing our Project "Licin", we will tell the school community why wasting food is a bad habit. We will tell them that the food wastage ends up in landfills. Landfills take up a lot of space. Meaning trees are cut down to make space for landfills. Therefore, animal habitats are destroyed and oxygen supply reduces. Also, burying food that is cooked with oil into the soil is not healthy for the earth. After explaining these facts, we will give them a suggestion to this problem which is to take less food and to share their food with friends if they are not able to finish it alone. 
My plan to reduce the food wastage in my school is quite basic. I will divide the students according to their class. One class is one group. All teachers and administrators are one group because the total number of teachers and administrators is equaled to the amount of one class. Each class has their own trash bin. The trash bin is used to throw away their food wastes. At the end of every day, my team will take the bins and we will measure the amount of food waste each class has wasted and record it. There will be a winner every fortnight. The winner is the group which has the least food waste recorded in the duration of a fortnight. The winner will be given a prize of high quality stationery. If a group is caught cheating, the group will not be eligible to be the winner of the fortnight.

Daphne Jacelle

Sk Lok Yuk Inanam

Past Environmental Projects :


1) Participate Eco-school Conference at Sandakan (2016)
2) Participate Green Flag Appreciation Night at Fraser Hills(2017)
3) Participate Eco Workshop at Centre Point,Sabah(2017)
4) Helped the teacher clean and decorate Klinik Inanam, Sabah(2018)
5) Joining the Eco Course and Workshop and our school(2018)
6) Making a enzyme demonstration

Future initiative :

If I were given the opportunity with a sufficient resources to carryout an environmental project, it would be a renting some bus for my school. It is because the air is polluting because of the car's exhaust. By renting a bus, the student can go back their home by the bus and their parents doesn't need to use car for taking them from school. By using the less car, the air will not polluted by the car's exhaust anymore.

Muhammad Danish Shah Bin Mohd Zailan

Idrissi International School

Past Environmental Projects :


December 2017: International Eco-Schools Conference-Led a workshop, came up with a campaign and won a seed grant, attended the whole event
December 2017: Science and Eco Exhibition @ Idrissi International School-Part of an exhibition displaying 'The Ring of Fire'
March 2018: Stories & Supper (Sembang@WWF)-Became the MC of the event.

Future initiative :

If I was given an opportunity (or maybe opportunities) to lead an environmental project, I would be honored.

I would do an eco engineering/robotics course. To be honest, I am not an expert at engineering or robotics, what more an eco version of it, but I would love to learn, together with the participants. I would like to share the experience with people who feel passion in this field but want to broaden their understanding and views. I also want to meet people who may not like engineering or robotics, but are willing to give being eco a shot.

We would do multiple sharing sessions, telling each other how we feel, our aims and goals, and how we want to grow and many more. We would also meet experts who are more experienced, to teach us about engineering and robotics, at the same time encouraging these experts (and their companies) to switch to green inventions. We would also go to universities to see how our seniors do it. In between visits, we would have hands-on sessions to test, experiment and sharpen our skills.

Once we have finished all of that, we can have tests and competitions to see how well we work. Then, the participants can graduate from the course, and we can form an organisation to do what we have learned. We will promote the idea of sustainability.

Arief Mohd Sharifizal

Idrissi International School

Past Environmental Projects :


Eco Home Cooling System - 2017

I headed a group of peers who worked on a project for our school's Eco Science convention held last December. Our project's aim was to transfer technology from one industry to another which we achieved in doing by designing a home cooling system inspired by a car's cooling system. Our project's involved building a miniature wooden house that featured rubber tubes with running water inside that lined the underneath of the metal roof. The heat from the sun would cause the running water to evaporate thus instantly cooling the interior of the house. My group's project was showcased at the Eco Science convention where it received an offer to patent it by the Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Tuan Haji Aminudin Adam. It was a project with a simple concept but just needed someone to make it a reality.

Future initiative :

My dream environmental project is to work with an NGO to organise a fully-sponsored nationwide beach clean-up campaign. My project would involve sending participants in groups to different beaches in different states over a course of a month. The groups would consist around 80-100 participants who would then proceed to fully cleaning up the entire stretch of major beachs within 2 days. The accommodations and transportation would be allocated by my team of organisers. Upon arrival, the participants would put up posters about what they're there to do and spread awareness about maintaining beach cleanliness. They would also invite the locals to join them in cleaning their beach. This would ensure that the project has an effect on the locals and would arm them with the knowledge of the importance of beach cleanliness so that they will take it as their responsibility to keep their beach tidy at all times. After a year, I would inspect the beaches personally and consult the locals to report the progress of the beach's cleanliness. This project is definitely not the first of it's kind as others have initiated beach clean-ups as well but hopefully my dream project would be the first NGO project to operate on a nationwide scale with the involvement of hundreds of participants.

Keshwiny Nathan

Sekolah Sri Bestari

Past Environmental Projects :


1. Say TAK NAK Straw Campaign - 2018
2. Project Orchard @ Sri Bestari - 2017
3. Bring Your Own Water Bottle- Refuse Plastics Campaign - 2017
4. Mini Garden Project @ SSB Secondary - 2017
5. 1Tshirt 1Heart Campaign - 2016
6. Project Tote Bag from Used Tshirt - 2016
7. MyFin MyLife Campaign - 2016
8. Project Recycle Bath Towel Mat - 2016
9. Earth Hour Promo project: Flashmob @ Jaya One School - 2016
10. WWF - SSB Water project - 2016
11. E-waste Collection for recycling project TEEAM - 2016
12. Waste Management Project (Stools from tyres & egg cartons, used oil collection) - 2016
13. Tree of Hope Campaign - World Earth Day - 2016
14. SSB - IKEA project (collection of used plastic bottles from Ikea) - 2015-2016
15. Eco School Earth Hour promo project
Flashmob @ Ikea - 2015

Future initiative :

If I was given an opportunity, I will carryout an environmental project in my residential area. We've done a lot in our schools and I think it's about time we bring it into residential areas. The project will be "spice up your life". The main idea of this project is to use used tyres, pails, containers and etc to grow organic vegetables and spices in our neighbourhood for cooking purposes. This project comes under the theme biodiversity, school (residence area in this case) grounds and healthy living. Residence get to consume chemical free vegetables and spices. For the beginning I will meet up with my "Residents Association" Head and explain about my project. After I get concern, then we will officially release brochures with information about the project and deliver it to all the residents. I will request the Head to conduct a meeting with the committee members and explain about it. Then a specific date will be fixed to carry out this project. Before that I will go from house to house to promote it and note down their names and number of people attending. On the day of programme , residents will gather and will be divided into groups. One group will be getting tyres to the closed lane behind our houses to plant potatoes and tomatoes. Meanwhile, the other groups will be planting parsley, chives, beans, spinach, curry leaves and etc in used pails, container and wooden boxes. Things like drill, broom, seeds, plantlets, will be provided. After completion the total number of containers containing planted vegetables are equally divided among participated residents. As for the plants in tyres, any residents in the same lane can access them at through the back door of their houses. We will also create a whatsapp group to share the progress of the project among the participants time to time. After a month, a simple survey from link is sent in whatsapp group and participants will be asked to complete it. This survey will give us an insight on how much these organic vegetables and spices have helped the residents to lead a healthy lifestyle in terms of food consumption.

Siti Nurfatihah Mohd Noor

SMK Bukit Indah

Past Environmental Projects :


1) Committee member of International Eco School Conference(IESC) {2015-2016} 
2) Eco Captain of IESC {2017-2018} 
3) Eco Captain of Eco School Smk Bukit Indah (2017)
4) Emcee for Sembang@wwf {2017} 
5)Organiser for Eco Tourism Smk Bukit Indah {2017}
6) Conducted Eco Rockers team for school and local council performance {2017}
7) Making organic compose for MPAJ competition {2017}
8) Organise Earth Day Celebration in school {2017}
9) Contribute oil to MPAJ oil recycling {2017}
10) Organise Eco-friendly Dusbin competition {2017}

Future initiative :

It would be Eco Herbal Garden.This Eco Herbal Garden is one of the way to do a zero waste whereby we can use recycle and reused unwanted stuff and turn it into pot.Furthermore, we also can practice healthy diet by growing our very own crops.For example, we can plant pegaga, misai kucing, tongkat ali, and vegetables of choice.By doing this, we can eat organic vegetables and use traditional medicines as i believe that traditional medicines also good for faster healer.Next, we also can use unwanted tyres as pot, use egg nest to grow seed, use unwanted wooden and turn it into wall of parasite plant to grow and many more.Duration for herbs to grow are months to year for harvest.I will record and analyze the data each day.In conclusion, Herbals Eco Gardens has a lot benefits besides zero waste its also can eaten and as a medication.

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