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LEAF Programme

Founded in the year 2000, Learning about Forests (LEAF) is the fifth and latest programme under the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Other FEE Programmes include the Eco-Schools Programme and its extension, FEE EcoCampus Programme, ‘Young Reporters for the Environment’, ‘Blue Flag’ and ‘Green Key’. As of year 2016, there are 550,000 students’ active involvement in 25 countries throughout the world.


LEAF aims to increase awareness and knowledge on the role of forest in our daily life via outdoor learning. The programme encourages students to reconnect with the forest and at the same time instill a sense of ownership to the natural environment that is fast depleting due to rapid development. 

Currently, in addition to Eco-Schools Programme and FEE EcoCampus Programme, WWF-Malaysia is also the National Operator of LEAF Programme

Themes of LEAF

LEAF programme operates in a thematic manner that looks at the function of forests from ecological, economic, social, and cultural aspects.

Integration with Eco-Schools Programme & FEE EcoCampus Programme

The LEAF Programme can be integrated as a rider programme together with the Eco-Schools Programme and FEE EcoCampus Programme. For example, the following themes Eco-Schools Programme and FEE EcoCampus Programme are closely related to themes of LEAF:

The goals of LEAF do not only constitute encouragement of increasing trees to be planted but also includes the following objectives as well: 

  • Ensures students enjoy outdoor learning

  • Encourages active experience in nature observation

  • Gives participants a thorough understanding of the ecological web

  • Empower students with the tools  and knowledge to environmentally responsible and able to take action beyond their schools and institutes

The objective of LEAF also aligns with :

  1. Sustainable Development Goals 4 on Quality Education 

  2. Sustainable Development Goals 17 on Partnership for the Goals,

  3. Global Action Programme (GAP),

  4. Aichi Biodiversity Target 1.

‘The Forest Cycle’

Similar to Eco-Schools Programme and FEE EcoCampus Programme, an institute/school can select a theme and adopt the six-step methodology known as the ‘Forest Cycle’. 

The ‘Forest Cycle’ is similar to the 7 Steps Methodology which makes the programme easier to be conducted alongside the the Eco-Schools Programme and FEE EcoCampus Programme. 

Call To Action

LEAF does not stop only at increasing the awareness of the students on the natural world but proceeds to implement ‘call to action’ initiative to help improve the environment of their schools, institutes and beyond.

Students participating in LEAF activities are encouraged to link their activities with Sustainable Development Goals which are universal ‘call to action’ to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Interested to run the LEAF programme in addition to Eco-Schools Programme and FEE EcoCampus Programme?

Programme Contact

Mazlina Sabtu


FEE EcoCampus Programme


Tel: 03-7450 3773 Ext 6320


Please send your queries here & I will get in touch with you the soonest.

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