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About Sembang@WWF

About Sembang@WWF

What is Sembang@WWF?

Storytelling connects us to humanity because it helps us relate and empathize. With the magic of storytelling, we created a platform called ‘Sembang@WWF’ in our youth programme. The session gives an opportunity for students to speak on various environmental issues. It aims to engage and transport the students’ mind to stories on poverty, haze, wildlife poaching, shark finning and many more.

Sembang@WWF is an instrument for us to listen and share ideas on what we can do as individuals to make a change for a better environment. Through this platform, our programme aims to build youth leaders who are fluent in the concepts of climate change and are aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet. We need them to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.

The idea hinges on one of the steps advocated in the strategies of ESD - informing and involving society in their on-going sustainability initiatives in their respective schools, teacher education campuses, universities and even communities.

Sembang though it alludes to a laidback sentiment in Bahasa Melayu, will be the total opposite of its linguistic meaning in execution. The word was chosen because it embodies the spirit on inclusivity of ESD. It also symbolises aesthetic value and traditional knowledge promotion, which are among the core values of ESD.


Sembang@WWF 2018 speakers. Last year's Sembang@WWF was held at

Sunway Nexis in Kota Damansara, Selangor.

Sembang@WWF 2019

Sembang@WWF 2019 -

What's with Plastics?

Why is the theme this year What's with Plastics?

‘What’s with Plastics?’ is the theme for Sembang@WWF this year because it is generic and it allows room for a robust discussion on plastics in several relevant perspectives. The theme will allow us to unpack the myths on plastic as well as to understand the benefit that it brings & also the destruction it caused due to its mismanagement. Thus, advocating a stricter policy to mitigate the mismanagement of plastic and to influence a more sustainable consumption & production pattern of plastic usage & disposal.

The objectives of this programme are; 

  • To enhance awareness of current plastics related issues in Malaysia,

  • To encourage discussion & networking between youth leaders, public leaders & plastics industries, &

  • To influence a more sustainable consumption & production pattern of plastic usage & disposal.


Interested to know why we are emphasising on plastic pollution for Sembang@WWF 2019, take a look at the video below:

School / Campus level of Sembang@WWF 2019 is now OPEN!

Interested to get the ball rolling? Organise a school or campus level Sembang@WWF 2019 & invite your students to participate as speakers. Shortlisted speakers will be selected to participate in the national level Sembang@WWF event on ​27th April 2019 (Saturday)​​ in conjunction of Earth Day. 

Topics for Sembang@WWF 2019 : What's with Plastics?

The topics provided below look at the basics of plastics, its effects on marine & terrestrial ecosystem  & biodiversity. Speakers should craft their story in relation to climate change issues & how the decision we made affects the environment & nature. 

Please take note that topics in Category 1 is only open for Primary School students. Category 2 is open for both Primary & Secondary School students while Category 3 is open to Secondary School & Tertiary Institution students. 

Guidelines on organising a school or campus

level Sembang@WWF 2019: 

​Important : Only schools & campuses registered under Eco-Schools & FEE EcoCampus Programmes can participate in the school or campus level Sembang@WWF 2019.


  1. Organise a Sembang@WWF 2019 at your school/campus, with a maximum of 5 participants. Remember,  Sembang@WWF 2019 is a story-telling platform, not an elocution contest. (Please take note that place  allocation for school/campus level Sembang@WWF 2019 is limited & is based on first come first serve basis).

  2. The session can be conducted in one or both of the following languages - English & Bahasa Malaysia.

  3. Each participant is given an allocation of 15 minutes for their session. There will be no consequent Q&A from the audience.

  4. Topics will be provided by WWF-Malaysia. Participant have to choose one topic from all the topics provided based on their categories.

  5. A small grant for organising the school/campus level Sembang@WWF 2019 is available from WWF-Malaysia.  Please take note that there are terms & conditions applied for the grant.

  6. Participants could prepare for their session by looking into, but not limited to, the areas stated  below.

    • What is the issue and why is it happening​

    • Why do you care about this issue 

    • What am I doing to solve the problem

    • How can we do something to help

    • Participants are to always end their sessions on a positive note. 

  7. Shortlisted speaker(s) will represent his/her school/campus as well as Eco-Schools/FEE EcoCampus  Programme Malaysia to speak to the public on the finale scheduled on 27th April 2019.

  8. WWF-Malaysia will assist to prepare the shortlisted speaker(s) in improving his/her script and  presentation style.

  9. WWF-Malaysia will provide accommodation to shortlisted speaker(s) who are travelling from a  different state. Transportation costs will be provided or reimbursed (with issuance of official  receipts). 

Important dates!​

To make your planning better, please observe the timeline below : 

This is interesting!


​I want to sign-up my school for school or campus

level Sembang@WWF 2019.

Registration is now closed!

​Important : Only schools & campuses registered under Eco-Schools & FEE EcoCampus Programmes can participate in the school or campus level Sembang@WWF 2019.

Sembang@WWF 2019 topics

Check out what went down during

Sembang@WWF 2018!

Sembang@WWF 2018 - Save the Malayan Tiger

WWF-Malaysia’s storytelling platform, Sembang@WWF dedicated Earth Day to the plight of Malayan Tiger this year. Hundreds of young adults came from all across Malaysia to witness their fellow friends taking the stage to speak passionately about one of the world’s most iconic wildlife.

Held each year in conjunction with the Global Earth Day, the event aims to engage and transport the students’ mind to stories on poverty, haze, wildlife poaching, shark finning and this year it’s all about tigers.

Past Sembang@WWF

Our Past


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