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Sembang@WWF 2020 Storytellers 1
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Sembang@WWF 2021 -

The Storytellers



Prince Of Wales Island International School

Ruby is a 13 year old with a love for life, traveling, sports, animals, family, friends and cooking. She grew up in New Zealand where she went to school there for 10 years then moved to China, Shanghai for a mere two years and now is living in Penang. Enjoying island life, having a dog again and being able to wear shorts and t-shirt all the time! She is striving to become a better swimmer, sports player and cook. Ruby hopes to see herself as a leader and a mentor in the future. She looks forward to competing in the competition!

I love flowers and I sometimes talk to them, even though I know they don’t understand what I am saying. My favourite toy is a stuffed bunny rabbit, named Asia. My ambition is to be a scientist because I want to find cures for all the diseases in the world. I am happy when I am able to help people in need. 


Shuib Azizi

Institut Pendidikan Guru

Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim

Berpegang kepada prinsip 'Alam dipulihara, nyawa terjaga, Alam dibinasa, raga terseksa'. Bermula dari usaha kendiri, kini saya mula mampu berdiri, berkongsi, suka tawa, tangis duka demi alam sekitar tercinta. Saya Khairul Shuib Bin Khairul Azizi dari IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim Johor akan berkongsi sedikit sebanyak ilmu demi menjaga alam tercinta kerana ini adalah tanggungjawab kita bersama.



Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Perempuan Melayu Melaka

I am a trainee teacher majoring in TESL course in IPG Kampus Perempuan Melayu Melaka. An eco-freak and a nature lover I am, nature is my favourite place and certainly I want the beauty and comfort of it lasts for eternity so that future generation can enjoy it someday. “What goes around, comes back around”... that's one of my life principles in which is applicable to almost everything in my life including to the aspect of nature. I believe that If I take a good care of nature with whatever steps I have, surely nature will reward me with some gifts. Therefore, let’s do good in our life and get the rewards we deserve! In other words, let’s change for good!

Sembang@WWF 2021 -

The Agenda (Session 2)

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This is interesting!


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Sembang@WWF 2021

​Important : As the Movement Control Order & Social Distancing measures are still in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we have converted the Sembang@WWF 2021 public event into our first public Webinar sessions, where you can view & listen to our storytellers from the safety of your homes.

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