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Sembang@WWF 2020 Storytellers 1
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Sembang@WWF 2021 -

The Storytellers


Micayla Tan

Sekolah Sri Tenby 

My name is Micayla Tan. I am eight years old this year. My hobbies are reading books, drawing and golfing with my father. When I was young, I travelled to many countries. The countries I have visited are Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and England. My father and I will always take my pet dog out for walks on Saturday and Sunday. My dog’s name is Flucky which means fluffy and lucky. I rescued her from the pound when she was just a little puppy. My favourite food is spaghetti and my favourite snacks are chocolates, ice cream, chocolate cake and muffins. 


I love flowers and I sometimes talk to them, even though I know they don’t understand what I am saying. My favourite toy is a stuffed bunny rabbit, named Asia. My ambition is to be a scientist because I want to find cures for all the diseases in the world. I am happy when I am able to help people in need. 



Institut Pendidikan Guru

Kampus Pendidikan Islam

I am a final year student of Islamic Education course in IPG Kampus Pendidikan Islam. I love sustainability of nature very much. As a trainee teacher, I began to have high awareness to educate the students about environmental sustainability as i aware that many of the students were doing irresponsible things that pollute environmental sustainability during our studies. 


So as a trainee teacher, i prepare myself with knowledge of sustainability to educate students when I become a real teacher in future. I will use this opportunity of speaking to invite all educators to spread the awareness to students and the whole community to practice a sustainable lifestyle, especially for discussions about food security during the pandemic.



Idrissi International School

I am Wildan, 13 (turning 13) and in 7th grade. I have loved animals for as long as I can remember. I have been participating in WWF events for several years now. As much as I enjoy learning about animals, I enjoy educating people about animals and how to save these creatures too. I have a Youtube channel and Instagram account dedicated to educating people about animals and soon hopefully, how to help the wildlife. I aspire to be a herpetologist. 


Lim Yu Cheng

SMK Damansara Jaya

I am currently a secondary school student passionate about the environment, hiking and amateur naturalism (I contribute to iNaturalist! and member of Malaysian Nature Society). I believe life is everything about problem solving and changing habits.

It might be tempting for us to just protest, to voice our concerns and HOPE for change, but this is insufficient at best, childish at worst, because we are not solving the problem. Climate change is still happening. Instead, if you really care about the environment, walk the talk: change your own habits, your diet, save water and electricity. Oh yes, I eat bread with a fork and I chew each mouthful for 1 minute. Eat Smart, Smart Change ;)

Sembang@WWF 2021 -

The Agenda (Session 1)

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Sembang@WWF 2021

​Important : As the Movement Control Order & Social Distancing measures are still in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we have converted the Sembang@WWF 2021 public event into our first public Webinar sessions, where you can view & listen to our storytellers from the safety of your homes.

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