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FEE EcoCampus Programme

Eco-Schools Starter Kit

Trial Run

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What is Eco-Schools Start Kit?

The Starter Kit is designed to compliment the Eco-Schools 7 Step Guidebook. It consists of simple suggested activities for each of the eco-theme and also aim to inspire both teachers and students' creativity into effectively tackling eco-related problems at their schools. 

We hope that with this kit, students will be able to draw on their creativity to come up with even better activities to engage their school and community’s interest in protecting the environment, and hopefully, bring them one step closer to the Green Flag Award.

Who is it for?

Teachers and students!

Why is it important?

The Starter Kit provides both teachers and students with ideas on how to draft out plans, organise and carry out Action Plans and events related to the eco-theme.

What do you think of

the Starter kits?

Please complete the feedback form. Let us know what you think & how to improve the Starter Kits in the future. 

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