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EcoCampus Programme

Animation Guide

Workshop 2017 (Pt.1)

Background of the Animation Series

WWF-Malaysia launched ‘When We’re Friends (WWF) with Nature’ animation series in 2016. This was the first effort to combine religion with environmental education in Malaysia, and marked the beginning of a series of animations inspired from the teachings and values of the world’s major religions.

What is the Animation Guide about?

The Animation Guide’s purpose is to assist educators to infuse environmental elements (or connect the dots) to religious value efficiently. Basically, it is a comprehensive step-by-step guide of suggested topics and activities that can be used by educators with the illustration from the animated series.

Who is the Animation Guide for?

Educators (formal and informal)

Why is the guide is important?

Being sustainable can be fun & interesting through the faith based approach (ie. religious value). Well, we want to show to others that being sustainable can be awesome!

Workshop Schedule

Shared Folders

What do you think of the workshop?

Please complete the survey. Let us know what you think & how to improve the workshop in the future. 

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